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8 Apr

Finished up the AE86 Hatch Whitelines.  These will be going on a RHD Levin from Ohio.  You can see the car in the upcoming Modified Mag in June.  Unfortunately the photo shoot for the magazine has already passed.




Dome Lights

4 Apr

A test batch of LED dome lights came in today.  They are a bit small, but they sure are bright!

and a test shot:

another shot from a recent 86 meet in Daly City

30 Mar

Finished up Mel’s taillights.  Which came out great!

and a video to go with it:

Lex got around to installing his lights on his FC as well:


and a small update on those AE86 Hatch Whitlines:

these will be getting the full brake, turn signals, and reverse light LED conversion.


Pricing page has been updated as well.

24 Mar





and got started on another conversion for a customer in Ohio.

AE86 Hatch JDM Whitelines!  Will be doing full brake, turn signal and reverse light LED conversion.

14 Mar

Completed Ry’s taillights for his Trueno Zenki coupe!  look good!


Also completed JV’s DMAX hatch tails for his AE86 hatchback.

Image 9 Mar


9 Mar

Right now, the starting price for converting taillights to LED is at $160.  After the end of this month the starting pricing will go up to $200 to meet demand.  All orders made until March 31st will stay at the starting $160.

Some updates:

I also had my last day with Spee Dee Oil Change this past Tuesday.  It was great working with everyone, and I will always remember the experience.  I will be taking SOLO8 to the next level.


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29 Feb


AE86 JDM Trueno Zenki coupe taillights


28 Feb

aannndd the facebook page is live.  check it out here:

25 Feb