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5 Jun

finishing up jonathan’s AE86 Trueno Sprinter taillights.



Also revising the way I set up the pricing. It was pretty damn confusing, and Im working on a simpler layout.

Will be up in the next day or two.

2 Jun

Finished the Levin corner markers.


and they are bright as hell.

Finished up some Datsun 280ZX taillights


28 May

An update one some conversions that I’ve been working on.

AE86 Levin sidemarkers



I have an Instagram account that I update more frequently of some of my LED work,
mmmmmyee is the account.

My most recent completed LED conversion, HELLOKITTY


Also, restocked on dome lights.  $10.50 shipped


Shop link:


20 May

LED IMPRODUCE Japan and LOOKKING GARAGE in Japan were the big inspirations for me to go out and start doing LED conversions.  Go check them out, they have really cool conversions.

I also added a new tab called SHOWCASE.

Has majority of my work since I started doing LED conversions earlier this year.


Ngoc’s Heart S13 tails

28 Apr

Ngoc's Heart S13 tails

Click for .gif


Herb’s kouki tails

28 Apr


21 Apr

here’s an update on those S13 kouki taillights.


I also got started on some LEXUS LS400 UCF10 taillights, but unfortunately the customer had to pull out.
This is what they looked like disassembled.  I was really looking forward to converting these.


Dome Lights

19 Apr


Back in stock.

check the shop:

Image 16 Apr


Finished up last night for a customer in socal, AE86 Zenki Coupe taillights.

Lazy Dolphin Productions

12 Apr

A video my good friend, Wes of Lazy Dolphin Productions, threw together as I tested out the Whitelines on his car before shipping out to a customer.

Check Wes out: