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28 Dec

Instagram username: SOLO_8



22 Dec

Another edition of Japanese LED magazine scan.  

Album link:

Some fairly easy beginners projects in the magazine.  Also some great examples at what some of the shops out there have been pumping out as of late.  Pretty cool stuff.

22 Dec

Some FD-Legal LED brake lights for the roof.

Ryan Bell with some underglow

S13 hatch 3rd brake light:

Hiero y’alll


2010 Toyota Venza

31 Oct



SOLO8 in Japan!

12 Sep

Thanks to Ryota WATAHACHI of SIDEWAYRUNNER for the support!



Should have more stickers coming in soon for distribution.


12 Sep


1.  Finished a set of AE86 Kouki Redlines.  (and an LED 3rd brake light)


2.  Set of Ford Truck F- 350 Taillights.

Quite excited to see these go on the truck.  Hopefully it’ll make it to SEMA in time.


3.  Ryan Bell’s Formula D Nascar S13.

unfortunately they had meet the wall 😛


4.  AE86 UPGARAGE Hatchback taillights.


5.  …  technically these were done quite a few months ago.


6.  just a mock up.  for a friend that really likes hamsters.  did not end up going this route, but it was fun playing with it.


7.  another mock up using the star boards from the F-350.  these are still a work in progress.   2011 Toyota Venza.  Mission Critical working with these things >_> .


I also have a set of Scion xB taillights that came in from Florida.  These will be my test bunny lights for a sequential light setup.  Shooting to get them done before the end of this month.

will be a similar effect as this:


16 Aug

Justin uploaded the pics of his Ruckus lights!

Check it out at:




11 Aug


31 Jul

Wrapping up a Honda Ruckus taillight for a friend.  So far, so good!



Update 7-28-2012

29 Jul


I now offer LED interior work.  Here’s a video of a Scion xB that I fitted with the remote controlled color changing LED lights.


Then a short clip of Ronnie’s AE86 Zenki Coupe Redline Taillights.