12 Sep


1.  Finished a set of AE86 Kouki Redlines.  (and an LED 3rd brake light)


2.  Set of Ford Truck F- 350 Taillights.

Quite excited to see these go on the truck.  Hopefully it’ll make it to SEMA in time.


3.  Ryan Bell’s Formula D Nascar S13.

unfortunately they had meet the wall 😛


4.  AE86 UPGARAGE Hatchback taillights.


5.  …  technically these were done quite a few months ago.


6.  just a mock up.  for a friend that really likes hamsters.  did not end up going this route, but it was fun playing with it.


7.  another mock up using the star boards from the F-350.  these are still a work in progress.   2011 Toyota Venza.  Mission Critical working with these things >_> .


I also have a set of Scion xB taillights that came in from Florida.  These will be my test bunny lights for a sequential light setup.  Shooting to get them done before the end of this month.

will be a similar effect as this:


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