Japanese LED Magazine

6 Jun

I have always been a fan of the Japanese LED scene.  I recently came across an LED specific magazine from Japan and scanned/uploaded it all for everyone to look through it.  If you want a hard copy for yourself, I think you might could get one through a Japanese Importer, or a Japanese book store if there are any local to you.

The magazine goes over a lot of DIY LED bulb replacements, working with LED light strips, and dabs a bit into LED board construction.

Though the magazine is a year old (5/2011), it’s really cool seeing how far they take car/light customization over there than here stateside.

Link to the album:

(the album uploaded in reverse order, sorry)




I’ve mentioned LED-Improduce before, but I’m still amazed at the LED conversions they come out with!
I’m working on having my pricing layout similar to theirs.  Though the taillight conversion pricing will not be as high as LED-Improduce’s (~$280 base price, ~$1.25 per LED that is used),  I will have the base pricing for taillights start at $120, then each LED bulb used between $0.70-$0.85 cents.  I’m still working on the pricing for the other exterior lights.




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