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Ngoc’s Heart S13 tails

28 Apr

Ngoc's Heart S13 tails

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Herb’s kouki tails

28 Apr


21 Apr

here’s an update on those S13 kouki taillights.


I also got started on some LEXUS LS400 UCF10 taillights, but unfortunately the customer had to pull out.
This is what they looked like disassembled.  I was really looking forward to converting these.


Dome Lights

19 Apr


Back in stock.

check the shop:

Image 16 Apr


Finished up last night for a customer in socal, AE86 Zenki Coupe taillights.

Lazy Dolphin Productions

12 Apr

A video my good friend, Wes of Lazy Dolphin Productions, threw together as I tested out the Whitelines on his car before shipping out to a customer.

Check Wes out:


8 Apr

Finished up the AE86 Hatch Whitelines.  These will be going on a RHD Levin from Ohio.  You can see the car in the upcoming Modified Mag in June.  Unfortunately the photo shoot for the magazine has already passed.



Dome Lights

4 Apr

A test batch of LED dome lights came in today.  They are a bit small, but they sure are bright!

and a test shot:

another shot from a recent 86 meet in Daly City